DreamQuest Inc. will not resolve mechanics lien. We paid in full

Newburgh, New York 3 comments

8/09 Windows installed and we paid for in full. 10/09 subcontracter filed a lien against us and Dreamquest, claiming Dreamquest did not pay him, Hunter Johnson. Subcontractor H.Johnson and owner Thomas Taggart have not resolved this and claim WE owe $1750. This is $1000 over what Dreamquest appartently wants to pay H. Johnson.

Beware of doing business with anyone who uses subcontractors as they have the right to do this whether or not you pay for servgices and products.

It has been 6 months and still not resolved. Made an appointment and spoke with our attorney to resolve this legally.

Review about: Windows.



Please note: This is bad company is Dreamquest in Briarcliff, NY.


Tom Taggert and Dreamquest took an $800.00 dollar deposit from me for work they never performed. 4 months later, they still have not returned the funds to me. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE...THEY ARE THIEVES!!!


The money owed to to Hunter Johnson is legally held in escroe by Dreamquests attourney, and a letter was written to Hunter Johnson be Dreamquests attourney that the money owed, would be relesed upon removal of lean. Since then the lean is removed from the candidus'es home, please update your complaint.

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